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PROJEKT SPIEL is the German game and licensing agency that supplies full service for inventors, publishers and all kinds of companies

Independent evaluation of new game concepts from game designers / inventors: I evaluate new game concepts and prototypes in regard to their potential for possible commercialization – independently of any publisher. The main evaluation criteria are originality and function of the rules, playing fun, technical and price feasibility and suitability for the distribution in toy and game stores. I am pleased to show positive, approved games in the portfolio of the PROJEKT SPIEL Licensing-Agency to find a suitable publisher.
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Representation of inventors by the PROJEKT SPIEL Licensing Agency: I work as a professional and independent agent between game designers and publishers. As an agency for game designers, I support my authors to optimize their game and product concepts. Especially, I take over the search for suitable publishers in the international toy industry and handle all contractual and financial formalities.
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Development of games and outsourced editorial tasks: For companies and institutions I develop special customized games for promotion, training and any type of communication following your briefing. I am also happy to take over the complete project management including production. The service includes games for publishers, developments of specific topics, as well as the editing of German rules .
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Selected publications and awards
of the last years

BREAK OUT by Wolfgang Riedesser, publiished 2016 at Megableu.

FIRE DRAGON by Carlo E. Lanzavecchia, published 2013 at Haba, appears 2014 on the recommandation list of the German Jury Game of the Year and wins the  “German Children’s Game Award 2014”!