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The Licensing Agency: Partner for  Game Designers and Publishers

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The PROJEKT SPIEL Licensing Agency works as a completely independent agency for game inventors looking for suitable publishers in Germany and worldwide.

The agency is a  professional mediator between publishers and publishers, based on an agency contract with the authors. Up to now more than 100 inventors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Finland, Sweden, the UK and USA are using or have used this service.

References to games that have been licensed by PROJEKT SPIEL and published can be found here.

These are the services of the Licensing Agency for game designers:

Professional input to optimize the rules of your game.

Practical assistance to create a convincing prototype.

Profound knowledge of the market and targeted presentations to the entire spectrum of national and international publishers based on mostly long-time contacts.

Legal and license know-how, contract negotiations and the conclusion of the best licensing agreements with publishers.

Verification of license statements from publishers.

Relief from all your worries, leaving more time for your creativity

How to come in contact with the Licensing Agency:

Please understand that the agency is no longer accepting new projects  and only serves authors known to it.

The opportunities to contact me personally include several game designer conventions, e.g., in Göttingen or Munich-Haar or in Torino, and at game fairs such as Nuremberg and Essen.

The Agency Agreement

The basis of cooperation between the Licensing Agency and the game designer is the Agency Agreement. It regulates two major points:

1. The agency receives from the game designer the exclusive rights of looking for one or more publishers for the game and concluding the applicable license agreements.

2. The distribution of royalties. The Licensing Agency works exclusively on a success-oriented basis, and receives 40% of license revenues; 60% goes to the game designer. These shares correspond to the international standard in the games industry.

Download: If you are interested in concluding such an  Agreement with the PROJEKT SPIEL Licensing Agency, you can download here a PDF sample of the English version for your information.

> Traduzione Italiano del contratto
> Traduction française du contrat

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