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Christian Beiersdorf - quer-web

II have varied and extensive experience in the printing, publishing and toy industries. This includes work with several printing houses, a South Tyrolean book publishing and advertising company, as well as several well-known companies in the toy industry: F. X.  Schmid, ASS and Ravensburger. In 1990, I began to develop games.

In 2001, I started my agency PROJEKT SPIEL. In addition, I am actively involved in the Game Designer Association (SAZ) and and I am active there in various functions since 2009.


The agency PROJEKT SPIEL works as a team player. If necessary, I expand my own capacities, using other game designers, illustrators, graphic designers and production professionals and companies from all relevant sectors. I have been working together with several partners for decades. This way, generally all issues and tasks can be solved in a goal-oriented manner and within your budget.

PROJEKT SPIEL has a broad spectrum of games in focus. Games for all audiences and age ranges. Games offering a tactile experience. Games that are fun and make the other players’ eyes gleam. Games that impart knowledge. Games in which communication plays an important role; this includes concepts for product training, corporate communications, trade shows and events.

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